Last Modified: April 03, 2017



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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions and answers regarding Visible Health’s, Compliance, Security, and Operational policies.

SLA and Disaster Policies

During the pilot program, Visible Health, Inc. does not maintain a Service Level Agreement with users of the Uretal Stent Tracker system. However, when a Generally Available version is released, we will establish specific SLAs. Note that the pilot system has seen 99% uptime and when the system is down for reasons such as maintenance, etc, all mobile device entered data is encrypted and collected in off-line mode and then synchronized when servers become reachable.

Visible Health, Inc. maintains a Disaster Recovery Policy which describes a thorough procedure for testing our contingency plan within the highly available services of Amazon Web Services (AWS). While our systems and data are redundantly preserved and we have tested all pieces of the recovery process, we have not conducted a full recovery scenario end to end during the pilot program.

At this Time, Visible Health do not have a policy that expands past the AWS disaster policy. This would be a scenario where ALL of AWS service is down. At the current time, Visible Health maintains redundancy across the East and West Coasts of the US.