System Access Policy

System Access Policy

Last Modified: April 03, 2017

Access to Visible Health systems and application is limited for all users, including but not limited to workforce members, volunteers, business associates, contracted providers, consultants, and any other entity, is allowable only on a minimum necessary basis. All users are responsible for reporting an incident of unauthorized user or access of the organization’s information systems. These safeguards have been established to address the HIPAA Security regulations including the following:

Applicable Standards from the HIPAA Security Rule

Access Establishment and Modification

Workforce Clearance Procedures

Access Authorization

Person or Entity Authentication

Unique User Identification

Automatic Logoff

Employee Workstation Use

All workstations at Visible Health are company owned, and all are laptop Apple products running Mac operating system.

Wireless Access Use

Employee Termination Procedures

Paper Records

Visible Health does not use paper records for any PHI information. Use of paper for recording and storing PHI data is against Visible Health policies.

Password Management

Customer Access to Systems

Visible Health does not grant customer secure system access at all to their platform.